New York Approves Order To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes In The State
05 Oct

Following Michigan, New York has become the second state of the US to ban the consumption of flavored e-cigarettes. This week, the State Democratic governor released immediate ban orders due to the rising concerns for the use among teens and the national epidemic of lung problems.

This Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo arranged an urgent gathering to discuss regarding the proposed ban with the state’s Public Health and Health Planning Council. On Tuesday, the panel cooperatively decided to approve the ban on methanol-based products and all flavored e-cigarettes, according to a statement given by Cuomo’s office.

New York State Department of Health has given a grace period of 14 days to retailers to exclude all such items from their stores. The government would begin ban-insisting site visits from October 7, 2019.

Preliminary federal data revealed that over the past two years, the count of e-cigarettes smoking high school students has reached over twice, with more than a quarter reporting they puffed e-cigarettes in the previous month.

Now, the US administration is heading towards eliminating flavored e-cigarettes from the vaping stores. Simultaneously, health officials have alerted people not to purchase any vaping items from unauthorized dealers.

On a related note, owing to the mounting adverse effects on health, India’s cabinet has proclaimed that manufacturing, advertisement, sales, distribution, and import of e-cigarettes are banned in the country from now onwards. However, the recent order does not specify whether the use of vaping products is also prohibited.

India, with the total population exceeding 12.5 Billion, has over 100 million habitual smokers, forming the country one of the fascinating markets for e-cigarette manufacturers. Even tobacco seems an epidemic for the nation, as more than 900,000 deaths occur every year due to tobacco-related diseases. India, after China, is the global second-largest tobacco consumer.

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