October 23, 2019

The Disney+ rollout is away less than a month, and the streaming platform is busy gathering nostalgia in an effort to hook consumers. This week, it began a huge tweet thread sharing “almost everything” arriving on Disney+ next month.

It is inspiring just how many titles Disney controls, and it is worth taking a peek at the thread. As you would expect, there are the Star Wars, classic Disney, Marvel, and Pixar titles, along with the remnants of the Fox brand. But the thread is also a token that Disney has made some questionable movie posters, shockingly terrible movies, and a surprising amount of dog films—The Shaggy D.A., Life is Ruff, and How Dogs Got Their Shapes. Still, there is a good chance consumers will see something that they will require to watch again and from that point, there is no turning back.

The thread is both a dangerous rabbit hole and a jog down memory lane, so if you had tons of work to do, we suggest waiting to dive in till you have some time to spare.

On a related note, Netflix just rolled out its outcomes for Q3 this year, displaying that it included slightly fewer users (almost 6.77 Million) versus the 7 Million it expected, while still grabbing an all-time record for the time. The firm mentioned lower rates of retention in the US since its latest cost hike, and validates with a statement that “With more income, we will carry on to shell out to enhance our service to further make our value proposition stronger.”

The one thing the firm’s investor letter look to convince users is that the issue is not rivalry, with the likes of Hulu and Amazon Prime already here before Apple TV+ and Disney+ rolling out soon with Peacock and HBO Max waiting in the queue.

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