07 Nov

Llyod Blankfein is now seriously tensed that Elizabeth Warren has the potential to bring a massive change in American economy which she might use. CEO at Goldman Sachs, Blankfein told during an interview on October 23, 2019 that Warren prefers more of a catastrophic change for the economy of the country than a gradual change. Blankfein also mentioned that this might be dangerous since it might not work out and already the entire world is hooked to the economy of U.S. Warren has recently talked about breaking up Facebook, levying wealth tax on rich American citizens and prohibit fracking.

Blankfein, who delivered speech at New York City, however, refused to comment anything regarding CEO Marc Benioff’s stance on capitalism as they knew it being finished. Blankfein doesn’t think capitalism to have ended. He left the position of Goldman Sachs’ CEO during last year winter. However, he could not deny that the current system needs to be more adaptive, target at being just and stop monopolies as much as possible. He said that ideas given by Bernie Sanders were really productive. Sanders had talked about redistributing the wealth and bring change to the existing tax pattern. They need to listen to people and reply back. Stability of any government anywhere in the world is a myth, and Hong Kong stands as its biggest example at the moment. Blankfein, much like Warren also thinks that the wealthy are capable of paying more taxes.

He later said that no one wants to pay taxes yet dream about live in a civilized society where no one kills each other. That is quite not possible. So, its better that the rich should pay more tax and live on peacefully and in a less biased society. Warren desired to levy 2% tax every year for more than $50 million and 3% for possession of wealth above $1 billion.

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