02 Mar

The average wages in a week in United Kingdom have been able to reach their highest level ever since the time when financial crisis had not taken place

The pay every week had reached a level of £512 in one quarter till the month of December which inflation adjusted is the highest it has been since the month of March of 2008.

There has been a rise in the employment by 180,000 for recording one more high of a 32.93 million while the unemployment had been at 1.29 million.

The figures which have come from the ONS has showed that the number of women who are in employment has seen an increase once more this time by the 150,000 in three months to the month of December for recording a high of a level of 15.61 million.

ONS has said that in real terms, the regular earnings have managed to finally rise above levels seen in the early part of 2008, however the pay which is including the bonuses has been blow their pre-downturn peak still.

Employment has been still managing to continue their trend upwards with rates nudging up to a further record high. Particularly, number of women who are working full time has been able to grow in a strong manner in the last year.

Mims Davies who is the employment minister has said that they are going to embark on the new chapter as a nation which is independent from the EU, they will do so with the record breaking number of jobs and the rise of business confidence.

The wages have been managing to outpace the inflation as well as the workers may expect the money to be going up further.

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