16 Mar

Meijer which is based in Michigan and the grocery store chain of Kroger will be shifting a few of their operations because of the threat of the coronavirus. From 15th of March, Kroger is going to temporarily move the hours at their stores from the 6 am to 12 am to 7 am to 10 pm now until there is further notice given. They have said that the supply chain teams are going to continue the fork for ensuring that the medicine, food and the cleaning supplies for the customers are needing to reach the stores as quick as it is possible. The change in the service hours is going to allow the store teams for focusing on the stocking of stores with the affordable, fresh food and the essentials along with the sanitizing and cleaning supplies for the homes and families

The company has said that it is going to monitor this situation and also make an effort for monitoring the decisions and the balance of safety of the associates with commitments to the customers and also communities. This change is going to take place at the Meijer stores where there will be suspension of the service at a few areas like the meat counters and the deli salads so that the team members may prepare and package these items for selling in the cases which are self-refrigerated.

The store teams have been working hard for making sure that the customers have products which they need.

Michigan had announced that on Saturday night there were 8 additional adults who had tested positive for the coronavirus which brings the total of the state to a level of 33 cases.

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