Researchers Have Found First-Ever Marker For Vaping-Related Respiratory Illness
24 Sep

It has been found that the fat-accumulated cells in the lungs could help make diagnosis and study of the cause of the disease easier. The doctors have been able to identify the vaping-related respiratory illness characteristic. In the US, in the past few months, this illness seems to have emerged and it is found to attack the large immune cells having oily droplets known as lipid-laden macrophages present in the lungs. The emerging syndrome is believed to be diagnosed quickly and treated at the very beginning. The University of Utah Health researchers hope that this study can help understand the cause of this mysterious condition better. The vaping-related illness can even push the individual onto life support.

Thus, it is advised that vaping people should not ignore the symptoms like abdominal pain, body pain, vomiting, chest pain, breathing issues, dry cough, night sweats, and fever. The anti-inflammatory steroids and oxygen support is the only treatment that is provided to help patients survive. The vaping illness symptoms may seem misjudged for a serious viral or bacterial pneumonia. The bronchoalveolar lavage procedure helped identify the lipid-laden macrophages using Oil-red-O dye. This disease is a kind of lipoid pneumonia and thus, more studying needs to be done to categorize vaping illness under it.

Parallelly, the study published in The New England Journal Of Medicine clearly provides a detailed insight into the growing vaping crisis observed in the US. The officials from the New York State Department of Health have found the new, vaping-induced form of lipoid pneumonia to be a result of a compound named vitamin E acetate. The laboratory’s work has been linked with FDA Forensic laboratories to compare the results. At present, relying on only a single compound to have caused the illness is irrational and thus, the study needs to be conducted deeper.

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