NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope To Help Discover Universe
24 Sep

Reportedly, NASA is building the WFIRST (Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope), which is a space telescope whose dimensions will assist in illuminating the dark energy puzzle and disclose other mysteries of the universe. As stated by NASA’s JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), studying the nature of dark energy is one of the main reasons for constructing WFIRST. With better knowledge of dark energy, humankind will have a superior sense of the past and prospect evolution of the universe. The telescope has a main mirror that is 2.4 Meters in diameter—of same size as Hubble’s telescope—but with an observation 100 folds greater than Hubble’s.

The WFIRST was the highest-ranked large space operation in the Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Astro2020) and is scheduled to release in the mid-2020s. The researchers have found that dark energy makes up around 68%of the total energy content of the universe, but so far humankind know little about it. One clarification for dark energy is that it is a possession of space, according to NASA. Another clarification for dark energy is that it is a new type of dynamical energy field or fluid, something that loads all of space but something whose impact on the development of the universe is the contradictory of that matter and normal energy.

Recently, NASA was in news for funding new lunar CubeSat orbiter operation. Gradually, NASA is making the way for its manned lunar return in 2024, most lately with a $13.7 Million profitable contract to Advanced Space, Boulder (Colorado) to design a lunar orbital CubeSat to lift off in December 2020. Though the Trump government has at times gave mixed messages concerning how solemn it is about making a 2024 lunar goal. Such commercial deals are surely a step in the right track. But as we have seen with the newly compromised Indian and Israeli lunar missions, this is no time for contentment.

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