Trump Knows Trade War Is Not The Best Approach To Deal Global Relations
18 Oct

According to Finnish Prime Minister, both Washington and Beijing are mindful that a trade spat is not the ideal approach to global politics in spite of the persisted tit-for-tat tariffs amid the two sides. Reportedly, the U.S. has enforced a number of tariffs on China from the start of last year, with Beijing responding with similar levied on the U.S. products. The trade battle is impacting on the global financial system and slowing the sentiment for investors and businesses. Antti Rinne—Prime Minister of Finland—said to CNBC that US President Donald Trump along with his administration “is aware of the fact that this is not the ideal way to maintain international relations.”

He further added, “Concurrently, I believe that also China’s representatives and chiefs know that this kind of trade war and situation is not good for the country and its population. This is not the finest way for China to manage these kinds of situations.” Repeatedly, the U.S. president has advocated his actions, in spite of the criticism and potential financial damage. The U.S. and Chinese executives are due to meet in the coming month for a new round of trade talks. In the last week, Trump said that he will consider a provisional deal with China, but he will favor getting “the entire deal done.”

On a similar note, recently, Canadian Prime Minister faced heat on the handling of China and trade war. Reportedly, two of the main trade deals to strengthen Canadian exports came into action in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s term, and the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was also realigned. But troubles with China can present Conservatives to reach a decision on the question of whether Canada has done enough to protect its businesses from trade battle.

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