29 Oct

As per the strongest evident found by the scientists till date, a virus is responsible for the mysterious illness which starts from sniffles and ends by paralyzing children. The syndrome known as AFM (acute flaccid myelitis) is polio like very rare syndrome. Since the report in 2012 from California, U.S has faced an outbreak that increases every year starting from late summer till fall.

Doctors have suspected the virus but proof of it causing the disease is elusive.

Researchers found and tried another trick in which spinal fluid of patients is checked to see the signs indicating the immune system dealing with a virus. As per the specialists, children who have harbored antibodies which target enteroviruses, is to be blamed. Dr. Rilay Bove who is a neurologist in University said that finding the accurate suspect is important for better diagnosis and finding the prevention method to treat this illness. His son is also suffering from AFM when he was 4. He added that if the cause is not known, the vaccines will also be not there for treatment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started counting these cases in 2014 when confirmed 590 cases were confirmed in the US. Cases raised high that year and in the year 2016 and also last year and this year it has so far reached 22. Luca Waugh who is the son of Bove explained that all the family members caught cold in 2014 in summer. After few days, he experienced in the neck region which shifted to the shoulder. Even though he was hospitalized fast, he suffered from body-wide paralysis along with trouble in breathing. He has recovered gradually but still has some paralysis in the neck region, arms and shoulder.

Researchers have customized Harvard-developed tool for their search of evidence among the various viruses simultaneously which include list of different enteroviruses like measles, zika, chickenpox, herpes, etc.

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