23 Nov

Juul will end selling vape products with mint flavor in the US. The firm claims it is removing mint pods from its site, as well as no longer accepting new orders from vendors. As of now, the firm only sells 3 flavors: Virginia tobacco, Classic tobacco, and menthol.

Juul claims it decided on the basis of a research that launched last week that discovered mint-flavored vapes are well-liked amongst high and middle school students in the US. On the other hand, the firm refused to answer on why it aims to carry on selling menthol-flavored vapes when media highlighted out that the same research discovered both menthol and mint flavors were well-liked amongst youth.

The decision follows after Juul ended selling fruit-based vapes on its site previous month. Echoing a statement he had made, K.C. Crosthwaite (new CEO at Juul) claimed, “These outcomes are not acceptable and that is why we should reset the vapor section in the U.S. and earn the belief of society by operating cooperatively with Attorneys General, regulators, stakeholders, and public health officials to deal with underage employment. We will follow the PMTA process and will show support for the forthcoming FDA flavor policy.” Earlier, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) claimed that the number of vaping-based lung damages is up to 2,051 in US.

On a related note, Donald Trump claims that his management aims to lift the minimum age for vaping to deal with the problem of teens employing e-cigarettes. “We have to take care of our children, most essentially, so we are going to have an age restriction of 21 or so, but we will be coming next week with something very essential on vaping,” he claimed to the media. The management earlier claimed that it has banned flavored non-tobacco pods to make vaping less tempting for teens.

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