05 Dec

Lexus is shifting further than far-out ideas and launching its first production EV, but you might need to lower your expectations. The firm has revealed the UX 300e, an electric edition of its UX crossover that conceals some grave powerplant alterations below an otherwise recognizable exterior. It restores the gas engine with a battery (54.3kWh) and a front motor (201HP). That previous figure may not seem like much, but Lexus stated that it might net almost 250 Miles of range on the basis of the NEDC testing phase. We would hope for less with the latest WLTP cycle, but it is still expected to be a healthy level considering the capacity of battery.

There are not many telltale hints that this is an electric car. You will find a smooth underbody cover and aerodynamic wheels, but those are the most obvious visual alterations. You might be more expected to distinguish it when its artificial sound arrives whizzing past. You can also hope for tuned shock absorbers and enhanced bracing.

The main issue is just availability. Lexus aims to export the UX 300e in 2020 to China, followed by mainland Europe and the UK in 2021. The firm has not cited a US launch up to now. It is probably only a matter of time before a Lexus electric car reaches the US shores, but we would not depend on the UX 300e being that car.

On a related note, Lexus earlier claimed that it is finally ready to reveal its first EV prototype. Earlier at the Tokyo Motor Show, the firm revealed its LF-30 Electric Concept, its dream for the next gen of electric cars. Lexus focused more on the futuristic look, which is obvious from the car’s glass roof, “hoodless” form, and gull-wing doors. Within, the firm made AR vehicle info systems and added gesture controls to use.

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