04 Dec

Sonos may just be less dependent on 3rd-party helpers for voice control. The firm has purchased a Paris startup, Snips. The firm helps to create “customized voice experiences” via its AI voice tools and platform. No, Sonos is not aiming to take on Google Assistant or Alexa—rather, the firm claimed to the media that this is to “include to [Sonos] users’ ease of control and use” for music. The private, speedy on-device voice processing by Snips is developed to sit next to standard assistants, recommending that Sonos might reserve the usual voice control for essential functions such as playback.

Snips is a 50-person, small outfit, and that was seen in the speed and size of the contract. Sonos purchased the firm for $37.5 Million, and it silently locked the deal earlier this month.

The purchase is recognition of an increasing smart speaker segment. Rivals have typically leaned more on voice helpers as compared to audio quality to challenge Sonos, but that crack is ending. It is now achievable to get rival devices that are comparable in both smarts and sound. Snips can assist Sonos stand out by offering performance that is not possible anywhere else.

On a related note, Sonos has a reputation for creating high quality devices, even though they are not the most affordable. Lately, the firm has been providing more cheap editions of its goods comprising two devices it made in association with IKEA. Now, there is yet one more way for users to get Sonos device in their houses for cheap price: Flex, a speaker rental service called that presently is only accessible in the Netherlands.

There are various options for speaker rental presently available: “For Every Room” that provides 2 Sonos One speakers for monthly €15 and the “For Your TV” bundle that has two Sonos One speakers and a Sonos Beam soundbar for monthly €25.

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