03 Dec

Facebook is once again providing a market research application, but this one seems to evade some of the privacy issues from earlier instances. The social media firm has launched a Viewpoints application that pays you for finishing research, surveys, and other jobs that will assist refine its goods. Unlike Opinion Rewards by Google, you do not get the rewards straight away—rather, you get points and receive PayPal contributions automatically whenever you surpass point landmarks. You do not have to be concerned about expiring your rewards, at least.

Not shockingly, Facebook needs to evade claims that it is snooping on consumers without their complete consent. You have to be minimum 18 Years old to employ Viewpoints, and you will be informed how it’s used and what data is collected. The firm also pledges not to sell info to 3rd parties or share publicly your activity without consent.

Viewpoints is only accessible in the US to Facebook account holders currently. It is planning to provide more registration alternatives and extend to other nations next year, though. The firm is obviously confident that Viewpoints will receive a sufficiently warm reception. To some level, it requires users to welcome the application with open arms—if it is going to get useful feedback, it requires as much input as probable.

Speaking of Facebook, 2 Years back, Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia co-founder) roiled out Wikitribune, an online publication intended to deal witch misinformation with original stories by “citizen journalists” and reporters. Now, Wikitribune is launching again as WT:Social. He expects it will be an option to Twitter and Facebook.

Similar to those websites, WT:Social will allow consumers share articles. But WT:Social will be supported by donations, instead of advertising. “The business model of social media firms is challenging,” Wales claimed to the media.

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