21 Dec

The epidemic of loneliness might not be an epidemic at the end of the day as there isn’t anything of this sort which has not been seen already by the previous generations. As per a pair of the studies which has recently been published the baby boomers who are between the age of 55 and 75 are not more lonely than their counterparts had been in the past generations however the things that happen after the age of 75 may be a cause for concern.

The lead authors of the study have said that there is no evidence that the older adults are not any lonelier than the people who were of the same age one decade before the current adults. However the reported number of loneliness on an average has increased in the people who are beyond the age of 75 said the lead author of the study. Thus the total number of adults who feel lonely may be increasing once the baby boomers are going to reach their late 70s and the late 80s.

The author has surmised that the loneliness maybe increasing as one of their loved ones may have died or one of the loved ones may be suffering from a declining health condition. She said that the ones who are able to maintain good relationships socially are not as lonely as the others are.

A study which had been conducted in Netherlands on similar lines had produced results which were similar and found that those who had been born in the later generations were a lot less lonely as they felt that there was more control which they had on their life.

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