22 Dec

A real estate company which is based out of Baltimore by the name of St John Properties has provided its employees with a bonus of $10 million. The bonus is going to be divided among the 198 employees of the company for being split on 7th of December when the annual holiday party of the company took place.

The distribution of the bonus had been based only on the years of service of the employee and had no correlation with the position of this person in the company as per the president of the real estate company. He further added that they spent some time in discussions and once the decision was made, they felt that this way of distribution was the only way it would be equitable and fair.

The individual bonus of the employees was in the range of $100 to an amount of $270,000 as per the post of the company on LinkedIn. On an average each of the company employees had received an amount close to $50,000.

Maykrantz stressed on the fact that they kept this announcement a secret and just five of the company employees knew about this surprise bonus.

The founder and Chairman of the company have said that the employees are the actual drivers of the business and his job is just to steer the boat which is run by the employees. He said that without their team, they had no existence and were absolutely nothing.

What had prompted this hefty amount of bonus was the goal back of the company in the year 2005 to double their size of the portfolio to reach 20 million square feet from 10 million square feet as per Maykrantz.

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