23 Dec

Last week, Qualcomm offered us a preview of the series of processors it is launching at its Tech Summit event, comprising the latest flagship Snapdragon 865 that is certain to sport in many of most prominent handsets of next year. But it also touted a pair of 700-series processors that are the first to provide incorporated 5G modems. The Snapdragon 765G and 765 are developed on a 7nm process, similar to the 855 and 865, and support a series of 5G techs such as sub-6 GHz, mmwave, FDD, TDD, and DSS. That is a whole mouthful of alphabet set, but what it tells is the 765 processors will be capable of supporting 5G networks all over the world.

The two systems-on-chip (SoC) employ the just-declared Snapdragon X52 modem, and can surpass theoretical speeds of 3.7 Gbps for downloads and 1.6 Gbps upstream. They also show support for non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) modes and have support for multi-SIM. Those speeds drops somewhat short of the 7.5 Gbps down and 3 Gbps up that firm predicted for the Snapdragon 865, although, which connects with the X55 modem.

It is somewhat shocking that the firm’s first incorporated 5G CPU was not one from its flagship 800-lineup. But the firm claimed that it did not want to negotiate the multimedia functions on its most premium good, which Francisco Cheng (the company spokesperson) claimed is “hands down the most solid in the sector.” To call the 765G and 765 midrange would not be precisely correct, either, since the firm’s series of goods varies from the entry-level 400- and 200-series to the 600-range. The 700-based cards just are not the highest specified similar to the 800-series and are a bit less-advanced or slower.

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