24 Dec

A number of labels and artists are continually exploring different techniques through which to launch their music further than CDs and streaming. Some have sold USB drives sporting their tunes over the past years or so. On the other hand, there have not been too many cases we can think of where a series of songs will only be accessible on a cartridge from Sega Genesis.

Analogue, which launched its own take on the classic device previously this year, joined hands with Hyperdub (the electronic music label) for a fun project to mark the 15th anniversary of the label. They are launching Mega SG console (a limited-edition) that is packed with a cartridge that sports 11 exclusive tracks from Hyperdub artists. It also has a Hyperdub keychain and an M30 8BitDo 2.4g controller. Only 1,000 of the devices will be accessible and you can select one for a price tag of $250.

Speaking of consoles, as anticipated, Nintendo earlier claimed that it will officially launch the Switch console this week in China in association with Tencent. It sold as a pack for $298 (2,099 Yuan) with a New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe copy. Moreover, Super Mario Oyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are now accessible to pre-order, and “extra first party titles are being set up later for the China market,” Daniel Ahmad, Niko Partners analyst, claimed.

The device officially is called the “Tencent Nintendo Switch” and has warranty of one year. Games will supposedly be priced at around $42 or almost 299 Yuan. There is no word yet on whether the affordable Switch Light will also launch in China. Apart from assisting Nintendo developed simplified Chinese language editions of titles, Tencent will offer cloud offerings for the Switch Online platform in China and alter the eShop to operate with its widely-employed WeChat Pay system.

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