09 Jan

Known best for the affordable automobiles it manufacturers, the carmaker from South Korea, Hyundai Motors has partnered with Uber with their aim being the development of a line of the taxis which can fly for the ride-hailing service Uber Elevate which is the aerial wing of the ride-sharing service.

A mock-up of full scale known as the S-A1 is going to make the debut at the CES event in Las Vegas in this week. The PAV or the personal air vehicle is going to have the capacity of carrying close to four passengers on every trip at the speed of 180 mph up to 60 miles said the partners this Monday.

Uber Elevate has been signing up already with the partners who are more traditionally in the aerospace like Bell, Aurora and Embraer however Hyundai is the first time they have partnered with a vehicle company that has an experience which is vast in manufacturing passenger vehicles at a global level as per the head of Uber Elevate, Eric Allison who said this in his statement. They believe that in the current industry, the production of high quality and reliable aircraft at high levels of volumes are going to drive the costs of passenger trips down.

Uber Elevate which had been unveiled first in the year 2016 has the aims of expanding the reach of this ride-sharing giant to the centers and the air taxis have been expected to go over the congestion of traffic and cruise at a lower altitude of 1000-2000 feet. The company has anticipated that close to 50-mile trips are going to be taking just 15 minutes while this trip will be taking over 2 hours by car depending upon traffic.

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