07 Jan

The allergic reactions which take place on the skin might be caused due to a lot of different chemicals and compounds found in the cosmetics, creams and a few more consumer products but it is how they are able to trigger the reaction that has been a cause for mystery. A study made recently though suggests that the manner in which these chemicals displace the natural fats in the skin cells might explain how a lot of the common ingredients trigger the allergic contact dermatitis and has also suggested encouragingly a new way of treating this condition.

This study had been led by the researchers of the Columbia University and a few other medical institutions.

Poison ivy has been commonly called a trigger for the disease however the reaction might also be caused by a lot of the ingredients of the consumer products and has highly become prevalent in the nations which are industrialized.

This reaction starts once the T cells of the immune system are able to recognize a chemical as being foreign. The researches have suggested that usually a few small chemicals are required to bind a lot larger protein for becoming visible to the T cells and a lot of the chemicals are able to do this as they undergo a reaction inside the body.

The author of the study though says that there are a lot of smaller compounds which trigger this disease do not have the chemical groups which are needed for the reaction to occur.

The researcher whose name is Annemieke de Jong is a Ph.D. and is the assistant professor in the Columbia University of dermatology has said that these chemicals are small and must be invisible to these T cells but that is not the case.

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