12 Jan

The institute of Mitchell Cancer in United States has been raising the awareness in the month of January for preventing the illness cervical cancer by doing a campaign statewide known as Go Teal and White.

As per the CDC, the cervical cancer has been killing more women in Mississippi and Alabama than the other states. There is an estimate which says that there is an estimate of 110 women dying from the illness in the year 2019.

The head of cancer control at the Mitchell institute, Doctor Jennifer Young Pierce has said that a lot of the cervical cancers can be prevented in the event of patients completing their three rounds as children of the HPV vaccine and is curable in case it has been detected early. The advice Pierce gives is to get the HPV and Pap tests done at the annual gynecological appointment.

There are only 20% of the children in the state of Alabama who are of the age 11-15 who have had both the doses of the HPV which are recommended and that can protect against a few types of the HPV which may lead to cancer in comparison of the 49 percent which is the rate nationally.

She says to parents that if they want to be grandparents, they need this particular vaccine as this is how they are going to be able to protect their children in the future and this is the case particularly for girls. This is very important according to her as most of the treatments which take place for cervical cancer take away the fertility of the woman.

The rates of Vaccination in children of years 11-15 range from 10% in the Clarke county to 1% in the Bullock County.

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