14 Jan

On Wednesday, the administration of Donald Trump had unveiled their recent round of the guidelines for the makers of autonomous vehicles who are relying on the standards, in spite of the calls for the specific regulations.

Elaine Chao, the transportation secretary had announced the guidelines which were proposed in the speech at the trade show CES in the city of Las Vegas as it had had been preparing the remarks that AV 4.0 are going to ensure the leadership in the development of the new technologies.

However, these guidelines had been falling short of the expectations for the advocates of car safety and the board of National Transportation Safety. In the month of November where the board that investigates the crashes and makes recommendation for safety had condemned the lack of regulations for states and the federal regulations as well for the autonomous vehicles testing.

The department of Chao as per the board had failed in the leading of the regulations in the new technology putting the advancement in the autonomous vehicle before the saving of lives.

The Transportation Secretary has announced the proposed guidelines which were new for the vehicles which were self-driving and are reliant on the voluntary standards in the speech at the trade show going on in Las Vegas on the 8th of January.

In the remarks, Chao had also said that AV4.0 which is a joint effort between the department and White House and unified the vehicles working across the 38 departments as well as agencies. It has also established the list of the government principles. Chao has also said that safety is going to be her biggest priority.

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