United States pork producers lose out on the opportunity to sell to China during the Swine Flu
16 Jan

The pork producers in the United States had missed the opportunity of selling the meat to China in the year 2019 after a vast majority of the pig population in the country had been destroyed by an epidemic of Swine fever which was there all across the country.

While there were 55% of the pigs who had been lost due to the epidemic in the year 2019, there was the trade war between China and United States and a tariff rate of 72 % on the imports of the pork form United States for a large part of the year that had been withdrawn after that the producers of pork in the United States from selling to the markets with a higher level of demand for this meat.

The traders were not just disappointed they were disgusted that an opportunity which would have come only once in a lifetime had been taken away due to the politics which were prevalent in the two countries.

There is close to 575 million pounds of the pork that is sitting in the storage of refrigerators in the warehouses all over the country and as per a report which had come out in December from the Department of Agriculture from the United States

The first phase of the official deal between the two countries USA and China is expected to be signed on the 15th of January which the president had said is going to include an agreement from the Asian giant of buying the farm products of United States which includes pork.

Trump had suggested the farmers to then get to farming as there well be a lot of exports

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