January 18, 2020

One of the most appreciated products at this year’s CES event is Neal’s hi-tech glasses. The CES tech exhibition is taking place in Las Vegas, US. Neal’s glasses superimpose computer graphics on to real world views.

Neal is a Chinese start-up company that has built one of its latest gadgets and also influenced other players to come into this industry. The hi-tech glasses produce high-quality images in its light Neal’s.

The final product though high-quality has been some issues according to the critics. One of the testers who wore the glasses told that the glasses look a bit weird. It is also being sued by Magic Leap which is a rival company.

But Ben Wood a highly influential tech-consultant Neil said that the product was one of the stars of this year’s show.

 is one of the industries where previously many companies have over promised but under-delivered. But it seems that Neal has developed a product that will be quite successful in the market once the product launches for the general public in the market later this year.

Ben stated that Neal’s product will not be liked by everyone but there is no denying to the fact that this is only a first-generation product and also look very similar to a normal pair of glasses. The other products released so far in the augmented reality glasses industry are way too bulky and do not resemble the normal glasses at all.

Neal’s augmented reality glasses require a tethering connection with an Android phone and have their own touchpad controller.

The horizontal field of view in each pair of glasses is only 52 degrees. That means that it only partially covers our own eyes that have a field of view of 135degrees. But it has a very good resolution of 1080 pixels.

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