19 Mar

The stocks in the region of Asia Pacific have been trading wildly on this Friday as the shares of the Wall Street witnessed a major drop in the night with fears of the coronavirus outbreak had been weighing in on the investors and the sentiment.

In the region of Australia, the shares have recovered from the losses earlier and made a comeback dramatically with the indexes closing higher by 4.42% at the level of 5,539. 30 as they fall by over 8 % at their lows in the session. The index has still stayed in the bear market over 20% off their closing high of 52 weeks that they had fallen into on this Wednesday. In India, the index Nifty 50 had risen on to the positive territory even though there was a temporary suspension post the fall to the levels of 10% from the last day’s close. That prevented the markets from crashing altogether.

Over in Thailand, the SET index had been declining by 0.98% post them making a brief turnaround a little earlier. In early morning, the stock exchanges had said that the trading of all the securities had been halted temporarily.

In the region of Japan, the Nikkei 225 saw a fall of close to 6.08% at the close to a level of 17,431.05 post the earlier plunge of 10% in the session. This move has followed their close on Thursday in the territory of the bear market at 18,559.63 over 20% of their closing of 52 weeks.

There was a fall in the stock markets all over the place in the markets of South Korea too as they also suffered the impact from the world.

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