March 26, 2020

While there were a few experts who had been seeking to explain the stock sales on Friday which were made when they had been assuring people about threat which lies with the coronavirus, they were not the only officials who were buying and selling stocks at the major moments of the crisis which had been unfolding.

The unreported lawmakers who had sold their assets in the weeks which were leading up to the crash include the Rep. Susan Davis who had unloaded many thousands of the dollars of stock particularly in the Royal Caribbean Cruise and the Alaska Air. The senior aide to the Senator Mitch McConnel had made a purchase in the middle of January of the Moderna Inc, which is a company that had announced four days ago that it is going to begin the development of the coronavirus. One aide to the Senator Jeanne Shaheen who had been serving in the foreign relations committee has been selling off the stocks in many companies including the Delta Airlines in the latter part of January and bought the stocks of a company which makes sanitizers.

This has given enough proof that thought he public had been blindsided by the pandemic and the meltdown in economy in the previous two weeks, there were many lawmakers or their aides as well as their brokers who helped in the management of their portfolios who adjuster the investments. Both the lawmakers in these chambers had been briefed by both the classified and the non-classified meetings regarding the coronavirus in the later part of January and also February giving the people a better look at how the pandemic is going to shape their lives.

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