Elon Musk Claims “Pedo Guy” Tweet Was Not Serious Accusation
24 Sep

Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) does not think his employment of the word “pedo guy” was an actual allegation of pedophilia. Musk’s lawyers in a lawsuit filing disputed that the missive, which Musk addressed to a British diver in 2018 and has made the billionaire the victim of a defamation court case, is essentially an ordinary insult from his early days.

“By calling ‘pedo guy’ to Mr. Unsworth, I did not mean to imply that Mr. Unsworth had been involved in pedophilia acts or transfer any facts,” Musk claimed. “Pedo guy was an ordinary insult employed in South Africa when I was a child. It is synonym to ‘creepy old man’ and is employed to insult a person’s demeanor and appearance, not blame an individual of pedophilia.” Musk followed up his initial post on Tweeter with a different tweet.

On a related note, Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and tech billionaire, earlier claimed that he needs to set up a base on Mars, and hinted the first occupant on the planet might be AI (artificial intelligence). Answering to a post on Tweeter that asked Musk what his beliefs were on the first Martian being a clever device as compared to a human, he answered: “30%.”

How Musk came up with this number stays a mystery, on the other hand, many individuals are thinking what this AI “resident” might look like, as per media. “It is possible that it can be a rover-akin bot that wonders the planet, or a stationary gadget that conducts experiments and makes observations without human help,” the media claimed.

Presently, manned missions for Mars are entirely hypothetical. Scientific bodies and firms such as SpaceX all over the world have been operating towards making technologies to let humans to venture beyond our planet’s moon but it can still take a decade or maybe more decades before that is tried.

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