Google Set To Extend Its Job Search In India
24 Sep

Google will start its business into entry-level job search market in India using Kormo. It has been embarking on pilots in the nation since the beginning of 2019 via its NBU (next billion users) unit, claimed sources will aware of the subject. This comprised thorough research on how entry-level appointing are made in different sectors.

The app will be rolled out this week in New Delhi at the yearly Google for India event, sources claimed.

Kormo assists consumers look for jobs hardly ever posted online and for which there is no searchable, structured repository. It was initially designed by Area 120 Labs, the “workshop for experimental projects” and firm’s in-house incubator. It is now fraction of NBU unit by Google.

The app launched in its Bangladesh home market, especially Dhaka, in September 2018, before it was rolled out in other major NBU markets. The Indonesia launch took place previously this year. In Indonesia and Bangladesh, Kormo aims on 3 markets comprising hospitality, retail, and logistics, as per its site. On the other hand, it is worth observing that Google is an investor in Dunzo, which also works in the logistics sector.

“Since we rolled out Kormo in 2018 in Bangladesh and this year in Indonesia, we have connected more than 50,000 job hunters to jobs from number of employers who employ Kormo for their hiring requirements, especially entry-level jobs,” Bickey Russell, project lead for NBU, claimed to the media.

On a related note, Google Pixel 4 handset series lastly has a fixed release date. The phone, which was stated to be launched “later in 2019” will now be launching officially on October 15, 2019. This is over a week after October 4, 2019 when Google normally launches the new phones. The firm has sent the invitation disclosing the venue and the date.

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