Amazon Orders 100,000 EVs To Assist Meet Climate Objective Decade Early
30 Sep

Jeff Bezos has declared that Amazon will follow a climate commitment with the objective of meeting the climate goals of United Nations Paris Agreement a decade early. He claimed that Amazon will hit emission lowering goals by 2040, implement decarbonization strategies, and report its emissions habitually. The firm will balance out any residual emissions using carbon offsets. Bezos needs 80% of the firm’s energy employment by 2024 to originate from renewable sources, and for it to depend completely on renewable power by 2030.

Amongst the actions Amazon aims to take towards these objectives is buying 100,000 electric delivery vehicles from Rivian. It headed a $700 Million round of investment in the vehicle maker previously this year, adding $440 Million of that total. Amazon anticipates the first vehicles will be launched by 2021, 10,000 by 2024, and the entire bunch of 100,000 by 2030. He also declared a $100 Million reforestation fund with the Nature Conservancy.

The Amazon CEO declared the plan in Washington DC at a National Press Club last week. “It is actually something that can only be performed in association with other big firms since we are all fraction of one another’s supply chains,” he claimed, as per media. Bezos claimed that Amazon will operate with its supply chain firms to assist them reach the same carbon objectives.

On a related note, the yet-to-be declared Alexa-based wireless earbuds by Amazon might also act as a fitness tracker. The media this week claimed that the earbuds, named as “Puget,” will launch with an in-built accelerometer that can track the calories you’ve burned, your run, and your pace. Media heard rumors that Amazon is operating on a rival to Apple’s AirPods previously this year, but this is the first hint that it will also operate as a health device.

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