27 Nov

Twitch needs to make streamer simpler for new comers. Rolling out this week, the Twitch Studio is a new streaming app developed for the first time to assist users go live with minimal fuss or to increase their game if they are newbies. Features comprise a guided setup, where webcams, mics, bitrates, and monitor resolution are automatically identified for the best display and sound, and customizable templates, where users can select from tons of pre-built overlays and starter layouts.

The studio also sports incorporated notifications, making it simpler to interact with and monitor communities with the help of built-in activity feed as well as chat by Twitch. It is a well-timed roll out, as Stadia by Google will launch soon with same in-built streaming functions that can have had the ability for attracting rookie streamers away from Twitch. The Twitch Studio app rolls out this week in open beta, for PC consumers with Windows 7 or higher.

On a related note, Twitch earlier began trying a new function that lets users to see Prime Video with their followers—as long as they are also users. An author and content creator, Travis Shreffler, has posted an email he got from Prime Video, greeting him to try a new feature dubbed as Watch Parties. The invitation claims users will be capable of showing a selection of Prime Video TV series and movies on their channels, so they can see while having a discussion with their fans.

The present selection is pretty restricted, but it comprises Mission Impossible: Fallout, the new season of Jack Ryan, and Pokémon. Amazon pledges to keep including to the number of shows accessible for Watch Parties, although it seems like the function will only be accessible at launch time in the US, if it does become available to everybody.

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