11 Dec

The 4.7-inch iPhone from Apple is going to be known as the iPhone 9 and will not be known as the iPhone SE2 as per reports. This is likely to come as a setback to those fans of iPhone SE who have been patient and have been waiting for a successor to the SE for almost four years now.

The report notably corroborates a lot of the rumors about the upcoming phone by Apple, including the point that it is going to boast of a display which is 4.7 inches, a Touch ID, and the next-gen Bionic A13 Processor. In the wake of the fact that this device is going to have a 4.7-inch display with a Touch ID instead of a Face ID, there is clarity that this display is not going to have a display that is edgeless. The display will consequently have a similar form factor to the iPhone 8 if the reports are to be believed. Therefore, the prospect of the introduction of an iPhone that has a compact form is now being considered to be slimmer than ever.

The specs of the iPhone 9 include the incorporation of a camera that has a single-lens and is available in the models of 128GB and 64GB options for storage and is going to be offered in the colors Red, Silver, and Space Gray. The positioning of the iPhone 9 is going to be that of a budget device. There are also rumors that this device might be priced at a low price of $399, which is going to increase the unit sales as the current iPhone 8 that has been there for a few years is still selling for $499.

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