25 Jan

The inequality in wealth is also the story of the inequality of gender.

The inequality in wealth has been partly due to the inequality of gender as per the latest report of Oxfam International on the inequality globally which had been released this Sunday.

There had been 2,153 billionaires in the year 2019 and in combination they have similar amount of the wealth as of the 4.6 billion poorest people in world as per the report of Oxfam, which is an organization which is aimed at the alleviation of the global poverty.

Further in addition to the gap in wealth, the report of Oxfam had focused on the gap between genders financially.

The report has said that the system of economy had been built by the powerful and rich men who are continuing to make rules and also get the major share of the benefits. The men in the world own as much as 50% more wealth to what is owned by the women.

The list of the richest people of the world has been reinforcing the point as well as it is dominated overwhelmingly by men.

Together, the wealth of 22 men who are richest around the world have equal of the total amount of wealth of women in the continent of Africa as per this report.

This imbalance of the wealth between women and men has been at least in part due to care work which is unpaid and the work which is domestic.

The complete value of the women’s unpaid care is touted to be a minimum of $10.8 trillion in a year as per the reports of Oxfam and this is thrice the largest value of the tech industry globally.

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