28 Jan

The wars in the delivery market now have a new ground to fight on and that is the digital pickup market.

Grubhub had announced on Thursday that it is going to launch Ultimate, which often uses the hardware and software for allowing the restaurants to offer the costumers an ability of ordering the food online via an app for their pickup.

CEO and founder Matt Maloney has said that the company is completely focused on the marketing of the technology to the medium and small sized restaurants.

The diners have started expecting the ordering ahead for the pickup to be able to quickly go through the crowds of the rush hour and grabbing their coffee in the morning or their lunch however they can currently enjoy it only at the convenience at the QSRs which are large. Ultimate is now giving the restaurants of different sizes the ability of pleasing the diners with an easy pickup which is digital and easy as per Maloney.

All over the industry, the orders are accounting for over 50% of the sales and 58% of all of the orders done digitally as per data that is available from researches.

The orders have been growing at a faster level than the orders which are dine-in and the sales are improving by the level of 32% in the previous year.

However, in a similar scenario to the last year, the growth of the average order has seen a fall in the years recently as it declined by 1.5% in the last year in comparison to flat growth for the deliveries.

As per Morgan Stanley, $350 billion is yearly spent on the food which is purchased from the restaurants.

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